international sending orders (parcels and parcels post) on a subscription (see Payment)

We forward registered postal items all over the world prepaid to the purchaser’s postal address pursuant to all-in-one communications service tariffs.

Advantages of registered shipment:
  • - confirmation of presentation (payment receipt);
  • - writing up to the accompanying documents all over the route;
  • - confirmation of delivery (delivery against signature)

    Attention! Cost of delivery is generated automatically based on your registration data depending on the weight of the order and the addressee’s remoteness. Cost of delivery is included into the cost of order and constitutes the total cost of order.

    The manager of the Internet shop shall communicate you the identifier of the international shipment using which you may trace your order.
    Period of international shipments forwarding from Ukraine see:

    ! Make sure, please, that the goods you ordered are available tracing the status of the order as “Batched” and all details over phones:
    tel. +38 044 5021047
    mobile +38 067 4707441
    or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Oksana Dyshlevaya