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Ukrainian Christmas postcard's collection

Format, mm: 105 x 205
Sign: Ukrainian,English
Decor: textured paper
gold foil stamping
Includes: 5 pcs. postcards with envelope + packing
Sales price: 54.00 uah.

Caution ! Choose any of the favorite collection of postcards (look for articles listed under the picture cards)

Which year running a collection of New Year and Christmas cards decorate our publishing postcards with reproductions of works of Ukrainian artists Lyudmila Tafiychuk and Vladimir Kornev.

Incredibly warm, kind and dreamy characters pictures warms the heart and soul of everyone.
Put under the Christmas tree this card - and your house will prevail festive mood.
Greet those cards your family and friends - and they will feel a real breath U k r a i n i a n C h r i s t m a s !

Artist Ludmyla Tafiychuk

Artist Volodymyr Kornev