Грюнвальдська битва-битва народів *The Battle of Grunwald is the battle of nations-SOLD

Author: А. Бумблаускас, І. Марзалюк , Б. Черкас
ISBN: 978-966-8137-72-3
Language: Ukrainian
Cover: hardcover + dust jacket
Format, mm: 235 х 285
Volume, pp.: 272
Weight, kg: 1.610
Sales price: 0.00 uah.

This is the first attempt to historians of the three countries - Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania - write a general history of a particular period in the development of European civilization, to describe the events that took place six centuries ago, and to reflect on our common fate for those times gosudarstva.The book presents the castles and churches of the Teutonic Order, the Kingdom Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, of which, except Lithuania belonged to the fifteenth century lands of modern Ukraine and Belarus

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