Kyiv: history, architecture, traditions

Author: Ольга Друг, Юлия Ференцева
ISBN: 978-966-8137-70-9
Language: російська
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Kyiv's HISTORY spans many centuries ; it developed from a small town founded by Kiy to a megapolis of today:
- recent archeological finds;
- many documents and archives;
- portraits of prominent persons and old photographs

Kyiv's ARCHITECTURE presents a great variety of forms and styles:
- ancient churches and medieval fortifications;
- impressive mansions and majestic architectural complexes;
- cozy side streets and towering and shiny modern buildings

Kyiv's TRADITIONS that live on:
- diverse cultures and faiths that coexist peacefully;
- self-government and its development, from veche, a general gathering of inhabitants,to the Magdeburg Law;
- strong tradition of hospitality that attract tourists from all over the world

Principal photography Yury Buslenko
The photographs used in this publications are by: Olexandr Ivanov , Vladymyr Sulzhenko , Viktor Khmara , Oleh Zharij , Roman Mykhaylyuk , Mykola Ferentsev , Olexandr Androshchuk, Mykola Ivaschenko , Mikhailo Kalnytsky