Вечный Киев. Жизнь большого города *Eternal Kiev. Life of the big city

Author: Виталий Ковалинский, Ольга Друг
ISBN: 978-966-8137-98-3
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format, mm: 250 х 290
Volume, pp.: 124
Weight, kg: 1.16
Sales price: 650.00 uah.

Look beloved city emerges through the prism of everyday life in Kiev. The real gift of the people of Kiev will become silent witnesses to the so-called short history: old fashion menu Kyiv restaurants , driving good people of the city, at the invitation of various festivals and charity evenings , visiting cards of famous residents , theater tickets , etc. - made by way of fax and are made in the form of tabs in the publication ( Only 21 tab to 4 - valve pockets ) and unique documents and photographs , many of which are published for the first time granted to Museum of History of Kyiv

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Тут відео-фото

Vitaly V. Kovalinsky - Kiev historian, writer, journalist, head of the Museum of the History of Kiev (1997-2012), chief editor of "Domes"

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