Ukrainian СUISINE and folk traditions

Author: Lydia Artiukh
ISBN: 966-8137-42-6
Language: English
Cover: hardcover + dust jacket
Format, mm: 250 x 250
Volume, pp.: 224
Weight, kg: 1.38
Sales price: 690.00 uah.

23 sections of the book devoted to the holidays in the calendar year of the Ukrainian people - from Christmas Eve until the day of Saint Andrew. Each section contains a detailed ethnographic essays and recipes of traditional national cuisine (total 300). The reader acquainted with the customs which our forefathers observed, gathering at the holiday table. Each owner will have the opportunity to diversify the menu of his family delicious borscht, sausages, dumplings and a variety of other delicious recipes are carefully collected by the author in different regions of Ukraine

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Lydia F. Artyukh - famous Ukrainian ethnographer, researcher at the Institute of Art Studies, Folklore and Ethnology. Maksym Rylsky, Ph.D. in History