Традиційна українська КУХНЯ в народному календарі

Author: Лідія Артюх
ISBN: 966-8137-24-8
Language: Ukrainian
Cover: hardcover + dust jacket
Format, mm: 250 x 250
Volume, pp.: 230
Weight, kg: 1.55
Sales price: 650.00 uah.

Wonderful colorful gift edition

23 chapters of the book are devoted to the holidays of the calendar year of the Ukrainian people - from Christmas Eve until the day of Saint Andrew . Each section contains ethnographic sketch and detailed recipes for traditional national dishes (about 300 ) . The reader acquainted with the customs that were followed by our ancestors , going for the holiday table . Each woman will be able to diversify the menu of your family delicious soup , sausages , dumplings and many other delicious dishes , the recipes are carefully collected by the author in different regions of Ukraine

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Лідія Федорівна Артюх - відомий український етнограф, науковий співробітник Інституту мистецтвознавства, фольклористики та етнології ім. М. Т. Рильського, кандидат історичних наук