Забуті гріхи *The Forgotten sins. Historical novel-

Author: Валентина Цайтлер
ISBN: 978-611-516-008-2
Language: Ukrainian
Cover: hardcover
Format, mm: 140 x 210
Volume, pp.: 216
Weight, kg: 0.33
Sales price: 0.00 uah.

Volodislav Jurba - translation from Lithuanian
Honored Artist of Ukraine Andriy Holomenyuk - illustrations, artwork on the cover - a picture of "The Lithuanian Warrior»
Vitaly Zaporozhchenko - photos

Recently in Lithuania and Ukraine increased interest in our common past on this subject appeared in print a lot of literature that explicitly introduces the reader with the historical era.
Roadmap for the novel was the book "Khotyn's Battle 1621 - Battle for Central Europe"
of our publishing house "Baltia-Druk" and other works of Lithuanian and Ukrainian historians.
Reflections on the past and present, about the tragedy of an era for example, family history Zholkevsky whose happiness and buduchyni destroyed by war.
The novel takes place in the early XVII century, during the Commonwealth, at the time of important political events and wars of those times - the Battle of Cecora and Khotin.
The main purpose of the novel - show that none, even the noblest victory morally justified ruined lives.
Almost four centuries ago fighting that took place in Hotyne decided the fate not only of Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Belarus, but also throughout Europe. This is where our ancestors made ​​the Turks and Tatars odmovytysya aggressive plans to conquer Europe

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Valentines Zeitler - career diplomat and writer, studied and worked in Germany, Austria, Ukraine - Minister-Counselor, Embassy Consul of Lithuania, currently working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania